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Pro-Glu Ltd is the leading UK based adhesive manufacturer and supplier of associated products used on equine hooves. Our range of Acrylic and Urethane Adhesives can be used either by themselves or in conjunction with additional substrates, glue-on / composite / steel and aluminium horseshoes.

Farrier and Hoof Care Professionals are turning to adhesives to provide comfort and protection for a variety of hoof related conditions particularly Lameness; Laminitis, Retracted Sole, Damaged Hooves, HWSS/HWSD, Hoof Repair, Quarter-Cracks, Keratoma, Hoof infections, Abscesses, Negative Palmar Angle, Navicular, Hoof-Pastern-Axis White Line Disease and Hoof Dressing Retainment.

Horses, donkeys, ponies and foals all require a range of different treatments and applications throughout their lives. Foals may require toe /medial/ lateral extensions all of which can be built using the Pro-Glu range of adhesives and substrates. Horses in work, or in rehabilitation, may need sole protection or hoof wall repair at various times during their career. Pro-Glu has a range of products that can provide stability and relief whilst convalescing. Horses that need a break from conventional hot / cold nailed on shoeing can be kept in work by the use of glue-on shoes and adhesives allowing the hoof wall to recover.

Pro-Glu are the UK leading providers of CPD (Continual Professional Development) through our Let’s Get Glueing™ training program in the use of adhesives and methods of equine hoof care that incorporate the use of adhesives, hoof repair materials and glue-on shoes. The hands-on clinics provide the attendee the opportunity to practice with Glushu™ Duplo™, Horse Slips™, Iron-Block™ and Soundhorse™ glue on shoes also how conventional Kerkhaert™ and Mustad™ steel and aluminium horseshoes can be prepared, attached and securely bonded. The application of polyurethane clogs, casting tape and how the Pro-Glu range of products differ from Vettec™, Equilox™ and other brands of hoof adhesives are all covered in an intensive one-day training. For dates on forthcoming events contact our training provider Jeffrey Newnham via email

Our aim is to make Pro-Glu online store a one-stop shop for everything the hoof care professional needs for successful glueing applications using MMA (methyl methacrylate / acrylics) and PU (polyurethane/urethane) adhesives. We have available a wide range of additive products that can be added to Pro-Glu A9020 and Pro-Glu 2-Part Silicone (Dental Impression Material, DIM) to manipulate hardness and wear properties. With all ancillary products, (moisture meters, alcohol wipes, durometers, refillable gas torches, complete range of BossTools™) needed for successful use of our range of adhesives.

The Pro-Glu Team are here to help, call or email with any questions or enquiries on our product range and applications.